The Golden State Warriors underwent a shift in game style, emulating the Game 1 Houston Rockets with a more iso-heavy game centered around Kevin Durant, who make the most of his 22 shots attempts, leading the team with 38 points.

But as Draymond Green's mom, Mary Babers-Green was criticizing the team's stagnant offense, there was some truth on her words reflected in the players' sentiments.

As most argued Durant's efficiency in the iso game warranted getting those possessions, she argued that there is “more to a game than shots! It left everyone else standing around never to get into position. SWING THE BALL.”

There was truth in her words — the Warriors had gotten too one-dimensional and had adapted the Rockets' Game 1 mistakes, which reflected into Durant's zero assists in the game, despite his shooting efficiency.

“We didn’t play well, obviously, at either end of the floor,” head coach Steve Kerr said, according to Connor LeTourneau of The San Francisco Chronicle. “I thought their defense was great. This is a team that’s gotten much better defensively this past year. I thought they did a really good job putting us on our heels.”

The Warriors were astonishingly out-assisted by the Rockets after leading the league in assists per game the past few seasons — something they intend to fix for Game 3.

“For the entirety of the game, we’ve just got to be a little bit more aggressive, a little bit more assertive on the offensive end,” Curry said after Game 2. “When the ball is in your hand, make a play for yourself or your teammate, and that will soften them up a little bit.”

Durant agreed, knowing it'll take valuing every possession and making the most of it through good ball distribution.

“This is an every-possession game,” Durant said. “We’ve got to be locked in every possession against these guys.”