Since entering the NBA in 2012 as a second round pick, Draymond Green has been the passionate heart and soul behind the Golden State Warriors dynasty of the 2010s era. That passion isn't without controversy, though, as he recently served a five-game suspension for putting Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert in a chokehold in a November 14th game. Even though head coach Steve Kerr publicly rebuked Green's actions, Green felt zero remorse or regret. Love him or hate him, there are few players in the league today like him who invoke a feeling of “the old NBA” better than the Saginaw, Michigan-bred Green.

In a recent episode of Gilbert Arenas' podcast Gil's Arena, retired four-time NBA All Star and 2004 NBA Champion Rasheed Wallace offered some further context to Green's behavior.

According to Wallace, Green was friends with the family of Detroit Pistons GM Joe Dumars, particularly with his son Jordan, and would attend many Pistons games. Wallace added that a young Green was frequently brought around the team's locker room and was very influenced by the gritty and physical culture of the team.

“That's our fault. And when I say ‘our,' that's my fault, that's Ben Wallace's fault, that's Chauncey [Billups'] fault, that's Rip Hamilton's fault, that's Tayshaun [Prince's] fault… Everybody in that locker room because he grew up in our locker room. One of his best friends was the son of the GM, so he was around us. … That's why he doing the bully s**t he doing now, in my opinion” Wallace shared.

Rasheed Wallace revealed that he took on an important mentor role for the young Green and assured to this day there's great respect between the two men.

In addition to being a four-time All-Star himself as well as a four-time NBA Champion, Defensive Player of the Year and Olympic Gold medalist, Draymond Green is currently 10 more ejections from surpassing Rasheed  Wallace's own ejection record. Not bad for a second round pick that had to claw and fight for every minute of playing time he received as a rookie.