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Kyler Murray

Why David Johnson will greatly benefit from the addition of Kyler Murray 

Was there anything more obvious, more predictable than the Arizona Cardinals selecting Kyler Murray first overall in the NFL Draft? Thank goodness the Cardinals are not in charge of any serious information because they are terrible at keeping secrets. 

It was obvious to everyone how fond head coach Kliff Kingsbury was of Murray. It’s just a match made in heaven from so many aspects. Kingsbury’s system will get the most out of him since his system will mostly correlate to a college offense. The learning curve won’t be so heavy on Murray when it comes to being adept into the offense. In fact, I don’t believe anyone in the Arizona offense will struggle because they have Kyler at the helm.

The whole offense will be elevated due to Murray. However, no other player will benefit more from his addition to the team than running back David Johnson.

The last two years have been quite unpleasant for the former Pro Bowl back. 2017 was a blunder due to injury and 2018 was just a catastrophe beyond his control. Johnson has not been able to reclaim his elite status since 2016. However, this upcoming season he will have the most prime opportunity to do so and it’s thanks to addition of Kyler Murray. Even before he takes an actual NFL snap, Murray is automatically the best quarterback that the Cardinals have had since 2016 Carson Palmer. And I say 2016 because his 2017 he was nonexistent. 

No knock on Josh Rosen because he was dealt arguably the worst hand a rookie quarterback could have, but he’s not as threatening as Murray. Especially if you take into account what kind of offense the Cardinals are gonna run. There’s going to be a lot of pre-snap movement with a lot of the formations being ran in shotgun. Not to mention the threat of the read option and Murray’s ability to escape the pocket, which will bring out the best of the offense. This is why David Johnson will benefit with Murray as quarterback. Because Murray is so lethal and can attack in a variety of ways, defenses will not be able to afford to stack the boxes any longer.

Counter plays or even boots when the Cardinals want to go under center will freeze a defense and free up real estate for Murray or Johnson. Dump offs or scramble plays where Johnson can just find enough open space to be delivered the ball. It’s all about getting the ball to Johnson in a variety of ways with creativity aside from just handing it off to him. Johnson is a dual threat running back. Whether it is through an aerial attack or on the ground, he will be able to produce on both ends. It’s what this college type of offense that Kingsbury is bringing is all about. Defenses are going to have to respect them by playing honest. Kyler Murray is a great athlete, but his intellect should not be overlooked.

 Being able to read defenses is a strong trait of his along with his fantastic awareness. All of these elite traits that he possesses is something that could not have been realized with Josh Rosen. So of all the players on the offense that will benefit from the addition of Kyler Murray it’s definitely going to be David Johnson. I recommend drafting him in the first round for those of you fantasy heads.