The Washington Wizards made a blockbuster trade to acquire Russell Westbrook in exchange for John Wall. This naturally led some to question whether or not Westbrook and Bradley Beal can actually play well together. Following the surprising move, Beal spoke about the outside perception of Westbrook being a ‘ball hog'.

“I think on the court, we’ll be good, man,” Beal said, via Chase Hughes of NBC Sports Washington. “I don’t think it will be anything where he will come in and try to run the show and do everything by himself.”

Ever since coming into the NBA in 2013, Beal has grown accustomed to having a pass-first point guard in Wall. Of course, Wall was also capable of scoring too, but he was often a pass-first PG, looking to dish the ball to his teammates to get them going.

Westbrook plays a similar fashion of basketball as Wall, but he's gotten labeled as a point guard that sometimes holds onto the ball too long. At the same time, he's been known to take questionable shots. If you ask the D.C. star though, Beal doesn't believe Westbrook is going to be hard to play with at all.

“For me to sit here and say he can’t make things work with other guys, well I can sit here and say I’m not other guys, either,” Beal said. “Their games aren’t like my game. I’m very adaptable. I adjust to who’s with me, who I’m playing with, new guys we add. My job is to make his job easier.”

There's no doubt that the relationship that Beal and Wall built in Washington will continue to stay true despite both of them playing for different teams now. And with Westbrook replacing Wall, Bradley Beal believes there won't be any chemistry issues with the All-Star point guard.