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Charles Barkley reacts to Bradley Beal’s agent complaining about All-Star snub

Bradley Beal, Wizards, Charles Barkley

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal is clearly miffed by coming up short of an All-Star selection, clearly voicing that anger after the game. He was joined by his fiancée, who complained during the postgame show after the Wizards beat the Charlotte Hornets 121-107, and so did his agent, who was as outraged as Beal.

“Inside the NBA” analyst Charles Barkley shot the latter down, saying his agent has no ground to complain or feel upset:

“You mean the agent who let hit him take the most money so he can get the biggest cut? He’s not in a position to complain,” said Barkley. “The Wizards are 16-31. Bradley Beal is a good player, but they basically have the same record as the Knicks and the Cavs.”

“His agent is in no position to complain. He took the maximum extension, he knew they were gonna stink, so [the agent] took the most money he could get also.”

Barkley is only partly right with this latest rant. Beal was offered a three-year, $111 million extension by the Wizards but settled for a two-year, $72 million extension instead — providing him the most flexibility.

While the agent, Mark Bartelstein, surely gets a hefty cut out of that, he allowed Beal to make the decision — even if the $36 million per year was less than the $37 million he could have made by tacking on another year.

Bartelstein had another one of his clients make the cut in Kyle Lowry, though Beal still stands a chance to make the roster as an injury replacement:

That potential decision will rest with commissioner Adam Silver, who will make the decision if one of the players rostered needs to be replaced. There would also be competition for an injury spot, though, so that wouldn’t be guaranteed either if a replacement is needed.