Wizards owner Ted Leonsis shrugs off social media criticisms from fans
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Wizards owner Ted Leonsis shrugs off social media criticisms from fans

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With their team’s dismal start to the season, it’s no surprise to witness Washington Wizards fans express their disappointment. They have shown it by criticizing them on social media, using the poor arena attendance during games as ammo.

However, team owner Ted Leonsis doesn’t seem too worried about it and believes that only a small number of fans are showing their displease with the Wizards.

“I think that there’s a small group of people who exhibit their angst on social media.”

“It’s why I never listen to somebody who says, ‘I think I’m speaking for the fan base here.’ You can’t speak for the fan base. You can speak for yourself, right? So let’s see how we do.”

The players have been putting the blame on themselves, calling out each other publicly after losses, which doesn’t help their cause at all. Another concerning issue is the much publicized lack of fans showing up during home games.

Up to when the team’s issues will fall upon deaf ears is anybody’s guess at this point, but somebody needs to tell their team owner that even if there are a lot of them right now, the solution to it is simple and that is to win games immediately.

The Knicks have been reported to have a productive meeting over the weekend, and if that worked for their franchise, it could very well bring the same results to the Wizards. At this point, they can try virtually anything if it will turn the team’s fortunes around.

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