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Rumors: Spencer Dinwiddie will wind up joining Wizards in insanely complicated trade

Wizards, Spencer Dinwiddie, Nets

Spencer Dinwiddie was set to join the Washington Wizards shortly after all the chaos began in free agency on Monday. Fast forward to Wednesday and nothing has been finalized yet. Now, we have an answer as to why.

Having 6-8 teams involved in a sign-and-trade that ultimately is sending Spencer Dinwiddie from the Brooklyn Nets to the Wizards seems insane. Any trade involving that many teams seems impossible given that all have to sign off on it and come to an agreement. These NBA general mangers would be defying odds if there are this many teams involved in the Dinwiddie transaction.

More light was shed on what specifically the Nets had initially requested from the Wizards in return.

As for the specifics about Dinwiddie’s deal with the Wizards, well he’s about to get paid in a big way.

Dinwiddie is coming off a torn ACL and it still doesn’t seem like his value will take that big of a dip. In his last nearly full season in 2019-20 with the Nets, the guard averaged 20.6 points and 6.8 assists per game in Brooklyn. Now, he’ll be joining forces with Bradley Beal on the Wizards as Washington looks to retool and regroup after trading Russell Westbrook to the Los Angeles Lakers.

The NBA offseason is usually filled with some mind boggling moves and plenty of surprises. Having a sign-and-trade between the Nets and the Wizards involving Dinwiddie expand out to potentially 6-8 teams takes the cake for this summer though.