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Wizards star Bradley Beal’s cryptic tweet amid Spencer Dinwiddie chase

Wizards, Spencer Dinwiddie, Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards star Bradley Beal has made it clear he wants to stay in DC. The team has done a decent job adding pieces around him, acquiring Kyle Kuzma, Montrezl Harrell, and Kentavious Caldwell-Pope from the Lakers in the Russell Westbrook trade. While it’s hard to know what Beal means by this tweet, it could be pointing towards the fact the Wizards still haven’t signed Spencer Dinwiddie?

Almost two days ago, Dinwiddie was nearing a deal with Washington. But, the whole scenario of acquiring the Nets guard is a lot more complicated than it looks. Per The Athletic, there is still a ton of hoops to jump through:

First, teams have to match salaries in sign-and-trades, which means if the Nets and Wizards try to execute a Dinwiddie sign-and-trade as a two-team deal, Brooklyn would have to take back a significant portion of the money, which is almost certainly not happening. The Nets are so deep into the luxury tax that they have to pay more than $3 in tax for every dollar spent on payroll. Taking in Kyle Kuzma’s $13 million, for example, without giving any money up of their own would mean doling out more than $45 million for Kuzma not even counting his actual salary.

As the report notes, the Wizards and Nets really need a third team to be involved in a sign and trade. Dinwiddie is also seeking a deal worth over $20 million per year.

It’s no secret Beal needs another star beside him. Whether he’s referring to the Dinwiddie situation or not with his cryptic tweet, there is clearly something on his mind as a wild free agency week rolls on.