Jordan Poole and Kyle Kuzma have been inducted as memes since the start of the season. The Washington Wizards' season has been comprised of not rotating the ball enough nor running set offenses. A lot of this has to do with the lack of a true facilitator. Some of their woes also show out of rebounding and rim protection. They are left defenseless at times and need to default to hasty shots to try and beat the clock that runs out fast. They could be able to benefit from these Wizards trade targets like Zeke Nnaji, Ousmane Dieng, and Malcolm Brogdon.

Tyus Jones is a prime trade candidate for the Wizards

Malcolm Brogdon in the Wizards system

Jordan Poole is an okay option for a team that needs a spark out of the bench. This is what Steve Kerr and the Golden State Warriors saw in him which got them a Larry O'Brien trophy. But, the Wizards are using him in a position that he is clearly not interested in. He often finds himself in a lot of broken plays because of clogged passing lanes and a lack of driving options. This results in the ninth-worst offense in the league.

A player like Malcolm Brogdon allows them to thrive on the offensive side of the ball for the rest of the Wizards season. He gets teammates involved with touches and makes the ball go around a lot. His ability to cut through screens and act as a spot-up shooter was also on display despite limited minutes in the Boston Celtics' season last year. The Portland Trail Blazers already have their stacked guard rotation which will limit his production down the line.

Moreover, it would make sense that the Blazers prioritize the growth of Shaedon Sharpe, Scoot Henderson, and Anferenee Simons. The biggest knock on him would be his injury concerns but he brings a lot more to the table. He shoots with a 41.3% clip on all three levels of scoring which gives them 17.7 points. His playmaking allows for 6.4 dimes and he also fights for rebounds if given the chance. All of that mixed with his defensive acumen proves that he could be a Wizards trade target come the deadline.

Zeke Nnaji, a Wizards trade target

The Denver Nuggets have their frontcourt set and only ration a meager amount of minutes to people like Zeke Nnaji. His true potential has not been unleashed with them so a move by the Wizards may not cost a lot. Moreover, the squad needs a constant presence inside that can fend off shots on defense while also acting as a lob threat to the offensive side of the floor. Nnaji can be that man for the Kyle Kuzma-led squad.

At his peak and when given enough playing time, he is able to notch 3.6 rebounds alongside 6.6 points per game. Now, this does not move the needle a lot but it opens up their offense. Nnaji is a solid screen-setter and roll man capable of attracting defenders when sprinting through the rim. If Jordan Poole wants to chuck shots like there is no tomorrow, he gets better spacing from outside the arc because of this Wizards trade target. He also aids the squad with cleaning up the glass for a team that is rock bottom in rebounding.

A lot of other options are still present on the horizon. But, the Wizards have immediate needs to fix if they want to look like a decent NBA team.