Though she's technically been a called-up member of the WWE roster since July of 2021, Shotzi has never really left NXT for good, returning to the brand for three straight years to host the Halloween Havoc in the pursuit of Elvira's all-time record.

So naturally, when Shotzi came back to NXT last month for a return romp through the Performance Center, it wasn't too surprising; since Shawn Michaels came to power, WWE Superstars have been a regular feature of NXT television in both wrestling and non-wrestling roles and for the most part, these cameos have been very well received. What differed this time, however, was that Shotzi got involved in some of the action, leading to an NXT Women's Championship match against Lyra Valkyrie that was ultimately called off due to an injury sustained by the former Blackheart during the taping.

Though fans didn't get to see the match, as it was supposed to air on February 20th but was ultimately called off, Nick Aldis was forced to change the card for the final live SmackDown before the Elimination Chamber, replacing Shotzi with Zelina Vega in Tiffany Stratton's qualifying match and leaving fans to wonder when they would see the “Ballsy Bada**” again.

Well, as it turns out, fans now have their answer, as Shotzi took to social media to let fans in on her situation and reveal when she'll be back in the ring once more.

“I tore my ACL which means I will be out of action for about 9 months. Thank you to everyone who has checked up on me. I am so sorry if I haven't responded. I am just extremely devastated and angry,” Shotzi told fans on social media via WrestleTalk. “Some of you know, I have been through a lot the last few years and it has been so hard to keep up with what I think is expected of me and honestly my mental health had been at an all time low. But l've pushed through and I was feeling motivated and like myself again. I was hoping to go to NXT to prove myself again, earn some respect, build back my confidence and start putting the heartache from the past 2 years behind me. I feel defeated right now but I'm simultaneously feeling the most motivated I have ever been. I have been through way worse. I've watched my sister, who is fighting cancer, fight tougher battles. I'm just taking this as a sign to slow down. I didn't take time off when both my stepdad and my dad passed, and that really affected me. Now I am looking forward to coming back not just physically stronger, but mentally also.”

Is it unfortunate that Shotzi will be out of action for the rest of the year? Yeah, unless she is really able to rally and return to action in December, it's safe to say Shotzi probably won't be back working matches until 2025. Still, Shotzi's value doesn't come from her wrestling abilities alone, as in just October of 2023, she hosted a horror show with Scarlett on WWE's YouTube channel and was on NXT darn near every week in the lead-up to a two-week special edition of Halloween Havoc. If WWE wants to keep Shotzi a part of their weekly television offerings, then they will most certainly pull a Jeff Goldbloom and, um, find a way.

Booker T updates WWE fans on his NXT absence.

Speaking of people who should be on the February 20th edition of NXT but won't be due to medical issues, Booker T recently updated fans on his condition following a procedure that has kept him off of television since Vengeance Day.

Though fans still don't know what has kept Booker away from the PC, they do have a pretty good idea of when he'll be back, as he noted on his Hall of Fame podcast that he's rapidly approaching his return.

“I'm back in the gym. I'm feeling good. I'm one week out, and I'll be back at the table, doing my thing, doing it like it's supposed to be done, making all them suckas bow down, making them pay, making them say, ‘Daddy, I don't want none.' I can't wait, man,” Booker T said via Fightful.

“I'm coming back, I'm coming back strong in about one week. I'm about a week out. I had a doctor's appointment this week, just to make sure it was all clear. Everything's healing up real good.”

Say what you will about Byron Saxton as a backup commentator on NXT, but it will be incredible to see Booker T back where he belongs at the commentary booth, as he's been the voice of many of the current crop of NXT's careers and watching him call the final NXT matches of Bron Breakker, Carmelo Hayes, and beyond before they leave for the main roster just feels right.