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An Xbox game will have Sony’s logo in its cover thanks to MLB The Show 21

Fernando “El Nino” Tatis Jr., MLB The Show 21

What a strange world we live in, all because of MLB The Show 21.


MLB The Show used to be a PlayStation-only video game. However, Sony signed a long-term deal with MLB back in 2019 that will bring the series to rival consoles. Since Sony is the publisher of MLB The Show 21, Sony’s logo will be plastered on the face of an Xbox game for the first time.

This rather weird occurrence comes in an era where there’s a growing acceptance for collaboration in the gaming world. Previously, games that used to be Microsoft-exclusives started appearing on Nintendo Switch consoles. However, these instances never led to something as blatant as having Microsoft’s logo plastered on a Switch game case.

Sony announced the release of MLB The Show 21 on their PlayStation blog. The announcement revealed the cover athlete, Fernando “El Nino” Tatis Jr. of the San Diego Padres. Aside from Tatis, the cover also featured the PlayStation logo in the lower right-hand corner.

The game will release on April 20, 2021, on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. Aside from being released on multiple platforms for the first time, MLB The Show 21 will also feature cross-play between the different consoles. A cross-progression feature will also allow players to migrate their progress from one generation of a console to another.

To date, Tatis Jr. is the youngest-ever player to feature in an MLB The Show cover. At the age of 22, the Dominican comes from a family of major league players. His father played 11 years in the major leagues, including a stint with the Mets. He also has a younger brother who is currently signed with the Chicago White Sox. During his young career, he’s already proven to be a capable athlete, known for his hard-hitting swings of the baseball bat.