2022 has been a year of change for College Football, perhaps more so than any other year. College athletes are able to be paid based on academic performances one year after getting the green light to profit off of their image, schools are swapping divisions like nobodies business, and as of Friday, the College Football Playoff Board of Managers announced NCAA will expand its football postseason to 12 schools, as opposed to the current 4.

With a 66% increase of schools now in the College Football playoffs, it’s more than fair to claim this move is sport-altering.

This new format isn’t a new idea. Actually, the same format was proposed in February of last year, but was met with rejection. Now, in 2022, the CFB Playoff Board has decided to move forward with the proposal.

The news will (and should) excite many fans of the sport across the globe, but there is a slight catch – the change won’t take place until the current playoff contract expires in 2026, or 2024 if everything goes right. Either way, there will be a handful of years that need to go by first.

No matter, such a change is well worth the wait. If you’ve taken a liking to College Football, stick around, because we’re going to talk about exactly why this is an incredible development.

College Football Playoffs Expansion Positives

2. More football

I mean, this should be it – more football. Can you really find something to complain about with that?

Instead of a playoffs that consists of three total matches, the fans now get to indulge in a format virtually identical to that of the NFL prior to the 14-team postseason expansion. Instead of those three contests, we now get to enjoy 3x more playoff football as NCAA hosts 9 showdowns throughout the postseason.

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Honestly, I don’t know if I can get this across any clearer; there will be 3x the amount of football there was.

If you love the game of football and enjoy watching schools give it their all to hoist that National Championship Trophy at the season’s end, you now get 66% more of that enjoyment. Good luck finding fault in that aspect.

1. More opportunities, more diversity

Really, the above is reason enough to celebrate this change. What can be better than more football? If you’re a student, more opportunity, and if you’re someone who’s tired of watching the same schools take playoff spots, more diversity.

The increase in opportunity is something that can’t go unnoted. Players no longer have to sit back during the postseason while those attending powerhouse schools get increased opportunity in the playoffs. This gives more chances for more talent to show what they can do, in the biggest of moments. For the players, this is a massive victory.

To piggyback on more players getting more chances in the biggest of moments, multiple new schools will come into the playoffs and shake the postseason up. If you’re part of the crowd that’s felt as if powerhouse schools such as Alabama have taken opportunity from more deserving schools by getting a postseason spot based on name value, that no longer matters.

Many believed the Wisconsin Badgers deserved to walk into the playoffs following the ’17 season. The team had gone 13-1, losing a one possession game to Ohio State as their only loss. Despite being second in the SEC West and victim to a multi-possession loss against Auburn, Alabama took that final postseason spot.

Gone are the days where a school like Wisconsin misses the postseason so a bigger name can get in. And with so many more deserving teams in the playoffs, this means more football. Sorry for going back to the first reason this is huge, but c’mon, it’s more football. How can anyone be mad at that?