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2 unhappy stars the Mavs need to trade for


Intending to advance past the first round of the NBA playoffs in 2022, the Dallas Mavericks are doing all they can to build a championship-caliber roster around franchise superstar Luka Doncic. The re-signing of Tim Hardaway Jr. and the addition of Reggie Bullock will definitely do wonders for the Mavs.

Unfortunately though, the current dissatisfaction of Kristaps Porzingis, along with his injury history and subpar play, has forced the Mavs to search for a new superstar to pair with Luka Doncic.

Aiming to continually build a title contender around Doncic, the Mavs are hoping to make major strides next season.

Having said all this, let’s take a look at two unhappy stars the Mavs need to trade for this offseason.

Mavs targets:

Ben Simmons 

With a ton of new drama surrounding his situation in Philadelphia, Ben Simmons is now even more likely to be shipped out of town, and it may happen sooner than expected. On the Mavs, Simmons could author a revival playing alongside a generational talent such as Doncic.

With new head coach Jason Kidd coming on board and Mavericks legend Dirk Nowitzki now working with the team as an advisor, Simmons would have personal access to two Mavs legends who know the hard work and sacrifices that come with winning a championship.

In Dallas, Ben Simmons would improve his playmaking, shooting, and scoring while forming a scary 1-2 punch with Luka Doncic. If the Mavs want to make some noise in the jam-packed Western Conference next season, making a play for Simmons is something new general manager Nico Harrison should look into.

Pascal Siakam 

Currently in a tough situation in Toronto, Pascal Siakam is expected to miss a huge portion of the 2021-22 NBA season after recently undergoing surgery to repair a torn labrum in his left shoulder. The Mavs surely kept tabs on this development. With Siakam previously having voiced his displeasure with the Raptors organization, it seems that his time with the team could be coming to an end sooner than expected.

On the Mavs, Siakam would be getting a fresh start while playing a bigger role and providing them much-needed size and length on the wing.

With his mid-range game and limitless athleticism, Siakam would form a lethal two-man game with Luka Doncic and give the Mavs an exciting new superstar tandem to build around.

Siakam’s slashing ability and versatile defensive presence would bring an exciting new element to the Mavs and give them a much-needed upgrade on their roster, especially when one considers the lights-out shooting Tim Hardaway Jr. and Reggie Bullock will bring to the team.

With this move, Doncic would continually improve his game while elevating the play of Siakam and making everyone around him better. This is a trade that could wind up having a domino effect on the entire team and make Dallas better in the long run. If the Mavs do wind up trading for Pascal Siakam, this would inch them closer to putting together a well-balanced title contender they’ve been working to build for the past couple of seasons. One way or another, Dallas has to make a deal which not only changes the conversation in the NBA, but indicates the franchise is serious about giving Luka necessary help and creating a roster which can handle the heat in the postseason.