The Washington Wizards are going to have some tough decisions to make at the NBA trade deadline. Whether that is going towards a rebuilding process, or bringing in a second guy next to Bradley Beal, the Wizards are going to have a tough decision to make from an organizational standpoint.

They have their superstar and they also have some good role players. It could make a lot of sense for them to go out and get another guy to see what they can do. It's going to be a tough decision from the organization and one that many fans might not be happy about.

In order for them to make the proper decision from an organizational standpoint for their future, they're going to need to trade away some guys. Let's take a look at three players that the Wizards should think about trading at the NBA trade deadline.

Wizards NBA Trade Deadline

3. Davis Bertans

The biggest priority for the Wizards during the NBA trade deadline needs to be if they are going to go all in and get some guys, or head towards a rebuilding process. Whether that be bringing in another Superstar next to Bradley Beal or trading away Beal and some other guys. No matter what decision they decide to make, Davis Bertans needs to be off this team.

Bertans contract is ridiculous and he doesn't do much for the Wizards at all. He's only playing 16.2 minutes per night and hasn't done anything special with his minutes. He's averaging 6.5 points per game and certainly isn't somebody that is going to help this franchise, whether it be from a rebuilding standpoint, or if they're going to go all-in with some of the pieces they have.

The first thing that Washington needs to do this deadline is get rid of Davis Bertans contract and they will be in a much better position. Again, either way, if they are in a rebuilding process, or going all-in to get a second superstar, Bertans needs to be off the team.

2. Montrezl Harrell

This is going to be an interesting one because Montrezl Harrell is only on a one-year deal and he has played better than he ever has in his career in Washington. Factor in that he is still only 27 years old and it wouldn't necessarily make a ton of sense for the Wizards to get rid of him. This would only be in the situation of them deciding to go into a rebuild mode because there would be no reason for them to pay him next year if they are going to go into that mode. If they do decide to get rid of Bradley Beal, they need to let everybody go and Harrell is going to be one of the first guys that they do.

If Washington does decide to go all in and get a second guy, he needs to stay. It's as simple as that. Harrell has been sensational this year for the Wizards and has certainly exceeded expectations of what anybody else had for him coming into Washington. Harrell is playing much better basketball than he ever has in his career and it actually looks like the Wizards might have got a bit lucky with this deal.

The reality of the situation is that if they do plan on going into a rebuild process, there is no reason to keep him around because they are not going to want to spend the money that they're going to have to to keep him around next season.

1. Bradley Beal

This is going to be the biggest name of the NBA trade deadline. There's a reason why he is a top-20 player and arguably a top-10 pure scorer in the game. He has been the staple of this team for the past few seasons and rightfully so.

Beal is arguably the best guard in the Eastern Conference and he certainly would get back an incredible package. The reason for thinking of getting rid of him is because the Wizards are not in a contending spot right now whatsoever. Regardless of them being injured this season and having some guys in and out, they still aren't ready to compete with anybody at the top of the Eastern Conference when they are fully healthy or not.

From an organizational standpoint, it wouldn't make a ton of sense to get rid of Beal unless they are going to go into a full rebuild mode. If they are going to go into a rebuild mode, they need to get rid of him and bring back four or five pieces or two pieces and some draft picks.

He is too good of a player to have them just keeping him around and if they aren't going to go out and get another guy, it's going to be another Damian Lillard situation.