3 reasons the Los Angeles Lakers should go all out to sign Kemba Walker
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3 reasons the Los Angeles Lakers should go all out to sign Kemba Walker

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The Los Angeles Lakers did land the biggest fish in free agency last summer, signing LeBron James to a multi-year deal. However, that was widely expected. What we didn’t really know for sure was what other stars the Lakers would bring in alongside James.

They tried to get Paul George. They failed. They tried to get Kawhi Leonard. They failed. They tried to get Anthony Davis. They failed.

Basically, Los Angeles has struck out in its attempts to pair a second star with James. And based on what we have heard, it doesn’t look like Leonard or Kevin Durant have any plans of signing with the Lakers in free agency this offseason

Taking that into consideration, Los Angeles may have to change gears a bit and try to land one of the free agents in the next tier. So, not Leonard or Durant caliber, but someone who is still really, really good and can help the team significantly.

One player that immediately comes to mind is Kemba Walker.

While Walker has not given any indication he wants to leave the Charlotte Hornets, there does seem to be a prevailing consensus that he will be playing his basketball elsewhere next season.

Here are three reasons why the Lakers should go all in on Walker this summer.

3. Kyrie Irving

Of course, Walker himself has nothing to do with Kyrie Irving, but as players? The two point guards are very similar, and LeBron has already won a title with Irving before.

Basically, James already knows how to play with a guard of Walker’s style, and having Walker would certainly take a whole lot of the offensive pressure off of him.

LeBron would not have to constantly be the primary ball-handler, as Walker is more than capable of running an offense. Not only that, but James also would not have to be the No. 1 scorer every night, because Walker is nearly as good of a scorer as Irving, and there are few players in the league who are more lethal than Walker when he is in the zone.

So, the point here is that in Walker, LeBron would know exactly what he is getting. He wouldn’t need that much of an adjustment period, because he has done this before.

2. The Clutch Gene

One thing we know about Walker is that he tends to elevate his game when it matters most.

Of course, we haven’t seen much of Kemba in the playoffs, as he has only made two postseason appearances in his NBA career. But from what we have seen, he is a dynamite fourth-quarter scorer, and if he has the hot hand, you are never out of a game.

Let’s remember what Walker did at UConn when he led the Huskies to a Big East Tournament title and then pushed them to a National Championship back in 2011.

He was remarkable during that run, and we have seen shades of that Walker in the NBA.

All he really needs is an opportunity, and he will flourish. I can just as easily imagine Walker hitting the type of shot that Kyrie did back in Game 7 of the 2016 NBA Finals. He is that good.

1. The Lakers Need Someone

The Lakers are in an incredibly tough spot right now. None of the biggest free agents seem to want to sign there, and rival teams also don’t seem all that willing to make blockbuster trades with Los Angeles.

With LeBron turning 35 years old in December, the clock is ticking on his window of opportunity, and so is the Lakers’ clock with it.

Unlike guys like Leonard and Durant, Walker may be amenable to joining Los Angeles. He has yet to play for a true contender throughout his NBA career, and you would have to think he is starving for the chance to do so.

Walker also does not seem to have a big ego, and there really isn’t all that much pressure on him as a star, because no one views him as a top-10 player in the league.

Again, the Lakers have to land somebody this summer, and Walker seems like the perfect fit.