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4 things to know about Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs

Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs is one of the best wideouts in the league. The expectation is that he will take another big step forward this year. There is more to Diggs than just being the guy behind the Minneapolis Miracle, so let’s break down four things you need to know about him.

He is still attending school

Diggs attended college at the University of Maryland but left school after his junior year to enter the NFL Draft. Starting last offseason Diggs decided to go back to school to finish his last two semesters and get his degree in African American studies with a minor in communications.

It’s unclear if he has attained that degree yet and finished the two semesters, but it’s always good when a player who leaves college early decides to go back to get a degree.

His brother was in Vikings minicamp this year

Diggs comes from a very athletic family. His brother Mar’Sean Diggs was part of the group invited to rookie minicamp with the team. Mar’Sean said that he worked out heading into the draft with Stefon, who gave him a lot of tips for the tryout.

“[Stefon] helped my feet a lot. We’ve been training together since February,” Mar’Sean said via Vikings.com. “We actually had time with him being home and me being out of college. I was training for the NFL, so we’d train every day. He’s helped my feet a lot … but obviously I think they can get faster. I’m going to continue to work at it.”

Unfortunately, Mar’Sean wasn’t offered a contract and is still waiting for a break to get into the NFL. One of Diggs’ other brothers, Trevon, is a defensive back for the Alabama Crimson Tide and is expected to be a good NFL player.

He was a top recruit coming out of high school

All the talk about Diggs is how overlooked he was and how the Vikings got a steal drafting him in the fifth round. All that is true, but he wasn’t always overlooked; if it wasn’t for injuries in college he would probably have been drafted higher.

Diggs was a senior in high school in 2012 and was one of the best recruits in the country. According to 247 Sports Diggs was a 5-star recruit and the eighth-best recruit in the country. He had offers from most of the big name schools including Ohio State, Auburn, and Florida.

He has a strong cleat game

Diggs has teamed up with Mache, who is well known for painting custom shoes and cleats. A couple of times before games Diggs has been the buzz of Twitter with his cleats. Diggs said he reaches out before the season to bounce some ideas off him on what he would like to wear.

“We did a little bit of stuff last year, but this year I decided I wanted to do more. I was shooting him ideas before the season really started. When that first game came around, we had some things in play. It kind of took off on its own. All credit to him. We built a friendship. Before, I was just trying to find a cleat guy.”