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49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo asked Tom Brady for ACL recovery advice at Kentucky Derby

Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady, 49ers

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was recently seen enjoying himself at this year’s Kentucky Derby. It appears he even had time to give some advice to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Garoppolo has spent the offseason nursing a torn ACL he suffered in the 2018 NFL season. According to Cam Inman of The Mercury News, Brady gave him some tips on how to recover from such a devastating knee injury.

“I’ve got to keep that confidential,” Garoppolo said, “but I did actually talk to him about it for a little bit. He’s been through everything, seen everything, so whenever I can pick his brain, it’s a good thing.”

It is encouraging to see that the two still have quite a rapport. There was a time when many assumed that Garoppolo would become the heir apparent to Brady in New England. Although things quickly changed with his trade to San Francisco, it is clear that both players still keep in touch every now and again.

Brady suffered the same injury back in 2008 and dealt with his fair share of struggles during the recovery process. It is safe to say that he knows a thing or two about having to deal with such a severe injury. Fortunately, he was able to come back better than ever and continued to play at en elite level.

The 49ers made quite the investment in order to make Garoppolo their franchise quarterback. Unfortunately, things quickly came to a halt with his injury. San Francisco has now managed to surround Garoppolo with a stronger supporting cast than the one he had when he first arrived. The 49ers are hoping to see their plans finally come to fruition moving forward.