It's been pretty silent as the trade deadline in the NBA rapidly approaches on March 25. As we start to gain clearance on who is making a push in towards the playoffs and who is slipping back, we can begin to separate those that could buy and those that could sell at the deadline. Here are five teams that need to be sellers up until March 25.

Houston Rockets

When you've lost 17 games in a row and have the third-worst record in the NBA with the trade deadline approaching, it might be best to zoom out the microscope and figure out what the hell is going on and who is a valuable trade asset.

This isn't a Warriors situation from a year ago when Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson were both hurt and Kevin Durant had bolted for Brooklyn. Golden State knew it would be a down year and they needed to just ride it out and get their guys back for 2021. Houston is not in that situation.

Victor Oladipo shook off an extension offer from the Rockets, making him a prime candidate to be sent packing elsewhere by the NBA trade deadline.

Things really started to unravel once James Harden was traded to the Nets. When you trade your lone pillar, it signals that a reset button is either being pushed, or about to be pushed.

The Rockets scooped up Kevin Porter Jr, a young talent that has shown promise. They signed Christian Wood in the offseason and when he's been on the floor, he's one of the best bigs in the NBA.

But players like Oladipo and PJ Tucker, who is literally sitting out until he's traded, it's time to kick the tires on some deals.

Draft picks, young talent in return, all of it needs to be considered by the Rockets. I don't know if John Wall has any trade value especially while he's currently hurt and on the shelf, but explore that as well. See what you can get for Eric Gordon. All of it.

This isn't the time for the Rockets to sulk and feel bad for themselves. It's the time to start acquiring future assets to build towards something that resembles a vision.

Cleveland Cavaliers

The biggest thing for Cleveland to figure out at the NBA trade deadline is who they see as being a part of the future and who can go.

JaVale McGee could be a likely candidate to head elsewhere, as the Cavaliers still seem to have a million big men on their roster.

The Andre Drummond story goes on as he still looks for a new team and the Cavaliers have transitioned into making Jarrett Allen their center of the future.

Kevin Love's contract probably makes it difficult to trade him but, you never know.

This season seems lost for the Cavaliers. They are 14-25 and can't seem to get any momentum headed in the right direction. They would be wise to comb over the market and not leave any rock unturned while simultaneously figuring out who is going to stay for the long haul.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Sitting at 17-23, the Thunder will have a tough go of it to sneak into the playoff picture.

Oklahoma City has young pieces and is trending long-term in the right way. Highlighted by Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and the ever-popular Lu Dort, the Thunder do have some steam heading forward.

Along with those young pieces that should be staying put, are veterans who the Thunder should consider shopping.

Guys like George Hill, Al Horford and Trevor Ariza would all be better fit for an NBA team that is a legitimate contender.

The Thunder and general manager Sam Presti have done a marvelous job building up draft capitol the last couple of years and they can continue to do so this season by sending off players like Hill, Horford and Ariza.

Minnesota Timberwolves

As you can see by now, there is a direct correlation between playing bad basketball and selling at the deadline.

Nobody in the NBA has a worse record than the Wolves.

What makes Minnesota's case interesting is that they do have some young talent that falls into the “not available for trade” category. Karl-Anthony Towns and Anthony Edwards being the most notable.

The Ricky Rubio rerun for a second go in Minnesota has fallen flat on its face. While Rubio has slowly regained the play we saw from him in Phoenix, he should still be considered a trade piece for Minnesota if teams blow up the phone line to inquire.

D'Angelo Russell may be tempting if teams come calling, but he needs time to actually play on the court at the same time as Towns to see how the duo works together.

Players like Rubio, Jake Layman and maybe even Jarrett Culver should be considered by the Wolves to build up future assets.

Orlando Magic

While Nikola Vucevic seems to end up in trade rumors across the NBA every year, there are two other candidates that could be on the move for a Magic team that is a miserable 13-26 (second-worst in the east).

Reports say teams have called in to ask about Aaron Gordon, a super gifted and springy forward who might just need a change of scenery and a fresh start.

Evan Fournier is also on an affordable contract and can launch from 3-point range. The return for a player like him could be more than what is initially thought.

This feels like a lost season for the Magic and they have players that will definitely draw interest towards the deadline that the Magic may also view as expendable.