Shocking news broke on Thursday when Rick Carlisle, the coach of the Dallas Mavericks for 13 seasons, resigned. This is the second piece of breaking news coming out of Dallas in consecutive days. The Mavericks’ general manager Donnie Nelson was fired Wednesday. Now that Carlisle won’t be returning to the Mavericks, the Boston Celtics should pounce on the opportunity and make him the next coach for Jayson Tatum.

Carlisle would be a great fit for both Tatum and the Celtics. He has shown his ability to get the best out of his players and has had success in the playoffs. Carlisle won a championship with the Mavericks in 2011 and proved how vital adjustments are in postseason games.

Here are five reasons Rick Carlisle is the perfect coach for Jayson Tatum and the Celtics.

What Rick Carlisle would bring the Celtics:

5. Gets the best out of his role players

Carlisle has been great at using his role players to the best of his ability. This was evident in the playoffs this season despite the first round exit as Tim Hardaway Jr. stepped up. He was able to create specific roles for players so they could thrive and be beneficial to the team. For Hardaway Jr., he utilized him as a three-point shooter that could play off of star guard Luka Doncic. This helped take the Mavericks to seven games against the more talented Los Angeles Clippers.

The Celtics are desperate to get more production out of the role players and Carlisle can accomplish that.

4. Carlisle has a great offensive scheme

Carlisle has proven time and time again that his offensive scheme is near the top of the league. Just a season ago, the Mavericks broke the record for the most efficient offense in NBA history. They averaged 115.9 points per 100 possessions. The record was passed this season as the Brooklyn Nets had 116.3 points per 100 possessions but that doesn’t take away from Carlisle’s accomplishment. With great offensive weapons in Tatum and Jaylen Brown, there is no telling what Carlisle could provide for the Celtics.

Carlisle would have a great offensive scheme with the Celtics and make it hard for any team to keep up.

3. Ability to scheme against stars

Coming up with a scheme against stars is a difficult task but he has proven his ability to do so. In the 2011 NBA Finals, he held LeBron James to 17.8 points per game in a great defensive scheme. Stopping LeBron is nearly impossible but Carlisle got as close as you can get.

This ability will be key for the Celtics with so many opposing stars in the Eastern Conference.

2. Carlisle is great at developing star players

When you have young stars you want to find a coach that can develop those players. Carlisle has shown that he is able to do that through the development of Doncic with the Mavericks. Doncic has become one of the top players in the league and Carlisle was a big part and helping him grow.

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While Tatum and Brown are already All-Stars, Carlisle could take both of them to the next level.

1. Championship experience with the Celtics

One of the most important things for any coach is having a winning experience. Carlisle has a ton of experience as he was the coach for the Mavericks for 13 seasons. He was able to win a championship against the highly favored Miami Heat in the 2011 NBA Finals. Carlisle was also part of the 1986 Celtics, a championship team that is regarded as one of the best single-season NBA teams of all time.

Experiences like these would help the Celtics get past the first round of the playoffs next year.

If the Celtics can sign Carlisle, they will get one of the few championship coaches in the league, someone who also knows what it takes to win as a player.