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Aaron Jackson waived by Houston

The Houston Rockets have waived Aaron Jackson, which was a result of being the odd man out after some recent roster signings. Jackson, it is worth noting, wasn’t on the Las Vegas Summer League roster, and he is likely to play in China next year.

Oddly enough, Jackson had his team option for the 2018-19 campaign exercised at the end of June, which usually means the franchise would keep the player, but the Rockets have obviously changed their mind and the 32-year-old is off to find some new employment.

Houston recently announced the signings of Gary Clark and Vincent Edwards, which put them in a tough spot as far as roster size. Unfortunately for Aaron Jackson, youth and potential was apparently the better option for Houston than having a veteran guard on the roster.

Jackson spent a majority of his career overseas before getting his first run at the NBA this past season.

In total, combining playoffs and the regular season, Jackson played eight games in the NBA, averaging only 2.4 minutes per game in the postseason.

All of that being said, even if this is the end of him in the NBA, at least he can always say he actually made it where few people do — in the pros.