For the third time in under a month, AEW put on a named show for the professional wrestling world to enjoy, this time for free on television, and needless to say, Tony Khan did not disappoint the fans watching from home or looking for a Grand Slam performance at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Flushing, Queens.

The show, which will technically extend out for two hours more on Rampage this Friday, featured four championship matches, multiple long-standing feuds, and the sort of high-drama typically placed behind a paywall but instead given away for fans for free on regular old television.

Was the show perfect? No, Jon Moxley seemingly suffered a concussion that forced a title change that likely wasn't intentional, but in the end, the card largely delivered at or above expectations and left very interesting results for fans to discuss online for weeks to come.

5. No new debuts by Edge or Mercedes Moné

After watching Saraya make her debut at Grand Slam 2022, fans waited with bated breath to see if Tony Khan would match or even top himself in 2023, with Edge or Mercedes Moné the obvious choices among fans due to their free agent status and main event upside.

Unfortunately, that didn't happen, as the only new face in AEW was the kid that MJF talked to before his match against Samoa Joe, and it's hard to imagine he'll be back on the promotion's programming any time soon. While something interesting could still theoretically happen on Grand Slam Rampage, with someone like the Grizzled Young Vets coming out to challenge FTR for the AEW Tag Team Titles, in the end, the status quo remains the same, and there isn't a new face to challenge Saraya or MJF any time soon.

4. No big moment for Sammy Guevara

Speaking of things that didn't happen, after years of being by Chris Jericho's side, Grand Slam was supposed to be the show where Sammy Guevara finally went over his mentor and broke through the glass ceiling he's been stuck under since Cody Rhodes left for the greener pastures of WWE.

Instead, Guevara left one older Canadian man for another and has seemingly aligned himself with Don Callis after leaving Jericho behind, which is, at best, a lateral move and, at worst, the kind of booking call that takes weeks, maybe even months to recover from. A curious call indeed.

3. Fans like Toni Storm more than Saraya

Despite securing an incredible moment at All In where the legacy British wrestler became the AEW Women's Champion a half-decade removed from being told she may never wrestle again, it would appear all of the hype surrounding Saraya has seemingly dulled, leaving Toni Strom the clear top dog in the group that may or may not still be incorporated under the Outcasts moniker.

Now granted, that isn't necessarily solely based on her in-ring efforts, as Storm has stumbled upon an incredible new character that is near-universally acclaimed, whereas Saraya is using her free time to call folks ugly on social media, but hey, when the match was reaching its crescendo, and it looked like anyone's game, the crowd firmly wanted to see a title change – especially after Storm kissed Saraya – and were ultimately disappointed by the results.

2. MJF isn't completely leaving his heelish ways in the past.

After making the rounds and kissing babies as AEW's babyface champion, it looked like MJF wasn't going to be able to overcome the incredible force of nature known to fans as Samoa Joe one-on-one, especially as he was dealing with an injured neck.

Were fans going to see a third title change on the evening? Well, as it turns out, the answer was a resounding no, as MJF was willing to dig back into his old bag of tricks and choked out Joe whether with a chain or the tag ropes and was able to dispose of the evidence before referee Paul Turner could be any the wiser.

Is MJF still a heel deep down? More or less, the answer is yes, but hey, just because he's a jerk doesn't mean he can't be “The People's Jerk,” right?

1. Eddie Kingston got his moment in the sun.

Though his match went on first instead of last, it's hard to argue that anyone had a better time at AEW Grand Slam than Eddie Kingston, as the “Mad King” not only got to secure a win over his all-time career rival Claudio Castagnoli but was able to add his name to the all-time list of Ring of Honor Champions, which now sits at an even 32 names over 39 reigns.

The match was an exciting, hard-hitting affair that the crowd ate up completely, and after exchanging shops, power bombs, and even a few closed-fist punches, Kingston shook hands with Castagnoli and bathed in the glory of a life-long dream come true.