When Jon Moxley took the ring against Rey Fenix at AEW Grand Slam, few fans expected anything but a victory by the third-ranked wrestler in the latest edition of the PWI 500.

Now granted, that didn't mean the match couldn't have been a lot of fun, as Fenix is one of the most talented luchadors in the world today and can deliver the goods in a way few professional wrestlers around the world can dream of, but goodness, after winning the International Championship off of Orange Cassidy at All Out this month, would Tony Khan actually book a title change at Grand Slam less than a month into his reign?

Well, as it turns out, the answer was a resounding no, but in wrestling, like Jurassic Park, life, as they say, finds a way, and despite clearly not being booked to win the title, Fenix pulled out an unlikely W in the Big Apple and became only the third-ever International Champion and fourth-ever holder of the title originally christened the All-Atlantic Championship.

The match started off normally enough, with Moxley bullying up on his smaller opponent while Fenix did his best to try to get some offense in on the 31-time champion, with one particularly brutal stomp on the proprietor of Death Jutsu landing cleanly while he was laid out over the barricade outside of the ring.

As the match eventually worked back into the ring, Fenix attempted to push for his babyface comeback, stringing together a series of moves that ultimately culminated in a Fireman‘s Carry Piledriver that was likely supposed to result in a long two-count.

… except Moxley never lifted a shoulder as, upon further review, the former Shield member clearly landed on his neck and was unable to simply lift his shoulder and break the count cleanly.

With the pining attempt botched, Mox audibled the finish to referee Rick Knox, and with another, much safer Piledriver, Fenix secured the least likely win of Grand Slam, maybe in AEW history period, and became just one of 10 people in the promotion to hold championship gold within the promotion.

Now, according to PWInsider, it's believed that Moxley suffered a concussion on the initial Piledriver and thus was able to audible out of the original finish and eventually walk out of the ring a few minutes after the match was over, but that didn't stop fans from taking to social media to discuss the finish and wish Mox well after a very scary end to what looked like it would be a long and expansive title reign.

Fans wished Jon Moxley well after suffering a scary loss to Fenix.

After watching Jon Moxley take an absolutely brutal Piledriver in the middle of the ring at Arthur Ashe, Sean Ross Sapp informed fans of AEW that the former International Champion was able to leave the ring on his own power, with fans wishing him well in the comments section.

“Moxley left on his own power through the crowd,” Sean Ross Sapp wrote on Twitter. “People said Renee and the doctor didn't look thrilled.”

Speaking of Renee Paquette, Moxley's wife, while she didn't share her feelings on the end of the match on social media, as she clearly had more important things to deal with backstage, more than a few fans noted that the long-time backstage interviewer just celebrated her 38th birthday on Tuesday.

Though AEW never showed Moxley again after his big loss, which is wild, because every other title win was replayed multiple times for fans who may have missed the finish in real-time, fans did learn both from social media and from Excaliber on commentary shortly thereafter that Moxley was able to leave the ring on his own power, with pictures shared of him walking around outside of the ring.

Still, if fans did want to see Moxley's awkward landing against Fenix, he didn't have to look long, as plenty of people, including Ryan Satin, formerly of WWE's Out of Character, shared the video on social media along with well wishes for the former champ.

While AEW never officially released a statement on Moxley a la Tony Khan's other venture, the Jackson Jaguars, tend to do when a player goes down with an injury, Hope Mox was trending on Twitter for the last hour of Dynamite and seemingly the entire online wrestling community came together to wish him well, even if some included comments chastizing AEW for allowing the spot to be booked in the first place.

Will Jon Moxley recapture the title in the not-too-distant future? Or will Tony Khan opt to roll with a Rey Fenix run and see how things shake out? Fans will have to keep tuning in to find out.