Well, as it turns out, not even 20 men, albeit security professionals, can top AEW‘s “The Wardog” himself, Wardlow.

That's right, in one of the weirdest stipulation matches you'll ever see, “Smart” Mark Sterling lined up twenty security guards that Wardlow had reportedly injured in one way or another and had them attempt to pin – maybe? – MJP's former bodyguard and thus, win the civil lawsuit – I'm assuming –  against him.

Convoluted? You bet, but hey, this is wrestling, and considering no one, not even the security guard, actually thought they'd bring down the “War Pig,” it doesn't really matter anyway. Fans at home got a fun, entertaining match, and the fans in attendance fully enjoyed the predictable affair.

What wasn't predictable, at least not really, was that Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky took to the screen via a skybox in the arena to command fellow American Top Team talents, Matt Hughes and Tyron Woodley, to take the ring and take care of business against AEW's hottest new signee.

Except, that didn't happen. No, Wardlow spoke to the duo's St. Louis sensibilities and suggested that they shouldn't have to take orders from a rich man in a skybox when he, in fact, was far more like them than Lambert is.

That, apparently, was enough for the UFC legends, as they shrugged off Lambert's orders, and the duo all enjoyed a moment in the ring before presumably leaving the arena to grab some grub and shoot the shoot about American Top Team, professional wrestling, and the joys of not having to take orders from others whey they could clearly beat in a fight. Take about a unique segment.