Parting ways in order to pursue greener pastures is nothing new in life. But, the NCAA had a massive surge of players entering the transfer portal during the offseason. This is often no concern for most coaches and they even bid their former players luck as they embark on a new journey. Nick Saban has chosen a different route because he was not at all pleased with one departure from the Alabama football program. The Crimson Tide coach did not mince words.

Nick Saban knows a winning player when he sees one. This is why the Alabama football program has been one of the best at producing quality NFL talents that has Pro Bowl upsides. But, the veteran NCAA coach just could not understand why one player left despite the immense flashes of greatness that they saw from him. He did not at all keep his feelings to himself and went ham on the player who transferred, via Tony Tsoukalas of Tide Illustrated.

“I’m not mentioning any names – but there’s only like one player that I was really like disappointed that the guy didn’t stay here, and I couldn’t understand why he was leaving,” the Crimson Tide coach said about a player that transferred out of his system.

Saban then proceeded to take a jab at the player and stress how different his system is, “So maybe people that wanna be here, wanna be good, wanna do the best they can, develop value for their future and who they are as a person, what kind of requirements we have for them to succeed academically so they can develop a career on the field and what we’re gonna try to do to develop them on the field.”

Who do you think it could be?