LeBron James Jr. found himself going Twitter viral on Friday, as a clip allegedly showing him smoking what appears to be marijuana has been shared left and right online.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, the 15-year-old Sierra Canyon star shared a short video of himself in a dark room while taking a hit from a blunt, as it may seem. Twitter users were quick to repost the clip online before Bronny could remove it from his profile.


These days, recreational smoking is not much of a big deal as it was back in the day, especially with the legalization in numerous states. Teenagers smoking some weed doesn't usually elicit headlines. But given Bronny's stature as the son of NBA royalty LeBron James, everything he does will always be observed under the microscope from the public eye.

We must also remind ourselves that Bronny is just a teenager living his life. Come on, who doesn't get a little bit adventurous at 15? Bronny James has had the spotlight on him since the moment he was born. Especially now that he is coming of age, we should ease up a bit and let the kid enjoy his life.

His old man has been quite adamant about this in the past, claiming that his only wish for his kids is to have a normal childhood. The Los Angeles Lakers superstar even bared that he regrets naming his eldest son after him since he will have to deal with the weight of unreasonable expectations for the rest of his life.

This may sound impossible for the James brood since they will be recognizable anywhere they go. People would always look for an opportunity to knock on these larger-than-life celebrities every chance they can get. Social media has made it easier to scrutinize high-profile athletes for minor slips.

Bronny James, indeed, has a bright future ahead of him. A lot of naysayers will try to bring him down even before he achieves his goal of reaching the NBA like his old man. Lighten up, people. Let the kid have some fun and enjoy the perks of his youth.