BIG3 news: Joe Johnson unsure if he'll play in the BIG3 again next season
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Joe Johnson unsure if he’ll play in the BIG3 again next season

Joe Johnson, BIG3

Former NBA star Joe Johnson has been one of the most exciting players in the rising BIG3 league today. Iso Joe is currently playing for The Triplets, one of the favorites to win the championship this year.

However, this could be Johnson’s one and only campaign in the Big3, as he told Rohan Nadkarni of Sports Illustrated that he’s not sure if he’s coming back to the league next season.

“I’m not sure about the longevity in it for me,” Johnson said. “I got two kids. I have a son that’s 12 and a daughter that’s five. The summer is obviously our down time for us to spend a lot of time together. I’m not sure—I can’t promise you I’ll definitely be back next season or the year after that. I don’t really know.”

Johnson is currently dominating in the Big3, leading the league in points, assists and 4-pointers while also coming up second in rebounds.

He hasn’t closed the door on returning to the NBA, but he also understands that there’s a slim chance for him to get another shot in the league, as teams now prefer younger players who can contribute longer.

Still, a return to the NBA isn’t far-fetched for Joe Johnson given that he has continuously shown that he’s still a solid scorer.