Brad Stevens' end-of-game playbook broken down
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Brad Stevens’ end-of-game playbook broken down

The Boston Celtics have had a successful summer, despite missing out on Kevin Durant. Danny Ainge managed to acquire All-Star caliber big man Al Horford in a major free agency coup. This was big for the franchise, as they have famously struggled to attract marquee free agents in the past.

The Celtics also managed to pick up promising rookie Jaylen Brown, as well as several other guys who are due to be stashed away in Europe or the D-league to develop.

There is no doubt that Boston is on an upward trajectory, and their fans have numerous reasons to believe that they can build on their impressive 2015-2016 regular season record of 48-34. One of the key reasons why Celtics fans are filled with belief is that they have Brad Stevens as their head coach.

Stevens is a universally respected head coach who receives acclaim for his composed demeanour and creative play designs.

Back in February, Fast Model Sports writer Gibson Pyper analyzed the end-of-game playbook that the former Butler coach seemingly lives by. He focused on some of his favorite plays in Stevens’ arsenal.

The clips below show just how creative Stevens is and how much the players have bought into his coaching methods. The plays are executed brilliantly, and it seems that Stevens has a play prepared for most end of game scenarios.

“Winner” – Need a 3-pointer

“Invert” – Need a 3-pointer

“Flips” – Need any score

“Flip Flare” – Need a 3-pointer

“Chicago Flare” – Need any score

“Al Brush” – Need any score, utilizing a strong driver

“Al Attack” – Need any score, multiple options available

To go with the videos, Pyper also provided additional insight with illustrations and write-ups to help breakdown the plays, which can be seen by clicking here.

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