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Browns OT Joe Thomas officially a Twitter darling

Joe Thomas

Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas is out for the season with an injury. That’s the sad news both for the veteran talent as well as the team that will certainly miss his abilities. The good? Joe Thomas is awesome at Twitter.

During Cleveland’s Sunday morning game, Joe Thomas turned to Twitter to provide some of his thoughts, becoming a legend on those mean streets in the process.

From his Twitter account, some of the following gems came by way of the Browns vet:

“Go Browns!! They’re better without me!!😂😂

“The English sure seem to enjoy the kicking plays- the biggest applause seem to be these punts!”

“Bad PI call and then a worse TD celebration by the @Vikings! You should lose your attempt at the conversion if u have a lame celebration!!”

Joe Thomas was taken out in the third quarter of his team’s game with the Tennessee Titans after suffering a triceps injury. This is the reason he is at home tweeting about the Browns rather than playing for them.

The lineman had played in 10,363 consecutive snaps. That is the longest streak in the history of the National Football League, but it is no longer an active one. It has instead gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Despite Thomas rooting on his team, Cleveland lost to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday. The silver lining in this otherwise without a win cloud? Hue Jackson didn’t bench his quarterback in the middle of the game. DeShone Kizer was actually allowed a full game to try to play through his growing pains.