Bucks news: Disney expert Brook Lopez on 'huge responsibility' in Orlando
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Disney expert Brook Lopez reveals ‘huge responsibility’ for Bucks in Orlando bubble


Milwaukee Bucks big man Brook Lopez has just revealed the significant off-the-court role he has been asked to play by head coach Mike Budenholzer. According to the 7-foot big man, he has been assigned as the head of the look-for-good-places-to-eat committee, an extremely small chamber that is comprised mainly of himself and coach Budenholzer.

Lopez explained the steps he has taken in his comprehensive search, as well as how they’ve been coordinating with the NBA to basically ask for permission.

“Coach Bud asked me and I sent over maybe 20 places,” said Lopez, via Lori Nickel of the Milwaukee Sports Journal. “Some, were in parks, some were at Disney Springs, some were different resorts. We’ve been in touch with our NBA liaison about being able to go to other resorts – when that would be possible – and maybe having stuff catered or sent to our team room.”

It’s not all about eating out and enjoying the gastronomic pleasures available in their location, though. As Brook Lopez explained, this has become an important measure for the team in terms of building rapport between the players and the coaching staff.

Lopez appreciates the responsibility he has been given and shares how he is taking it very seriously:

“It’s something that obviously Coach Bud is excited about; I’m excited about; the team excited about,” said Lopez. “We relish in ‘break bread’ moments.

“It’s a huge responsibility. Coach Bud takes great pride in being a big foodie, a big wine guy and just loves ‘break bread’ – getting a chance to go out with staff and teammates and eat. I have the utmost respect for it; I love and adore and as well. And so it is a huge responsibility. I look to it like going out and trying to make Bud proud on the court, I want to do the same thing with this list.”

It’s good to hear how Lopez and the Bucks are making the most out of the limitations within the bubble. The situation is not exactly ideal, but for their part, they’re at least taking a bright-side approach.