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Bucks GM Jon Horst is seeking a contract extension, raise

After helping the Milwaukee Bucks to an excellent regular season and a decent but disappointing postseason, general manager Jon Horst is looking for an extension and a raise. Per woelfelspressbox.com, the young manager feels that he has earned the pay raise:

“Not surprisingly, word is circulating the NBA that Horst is seeking a raise via a contract extension. He has just one year left on his original three-year deal. Sources said the Bucks owners are amenable to working out a new deal in light of the Bucks’ banner season that saw them win a league-high 60 regular season games before being upset by Toronto in the Eastern Conference Finals.”

Horst has only been the GM for one year. He is also very young for an NBA manager, only 36 years old. To start, he took an extremely low salary for a manager, only about 500,000 per year. Now, he will probably get a raise to around 3 million, around the average for a general manager of an NBA team.

Horst has proven that despite his age, he knows what he is doing. He assembled an excellent team that flamed out in the playoffs but has a ton of potential.

If the Bucks can keep most of their key free agents and lock up Giannis Antetokounmpo, they will be in good shape for years to come. If Kevin Durant leaves the Golden State Warriors, they might even be the favorites next year. Horst has a lot of work ahead of him to make the investment in him worth it.