The search for their next head coach is officially on for the Milwaukee Bucks after they decided to part ways with Mike Budenholzer on Thursday. The decision did not come as a complete shock considering Milwaukee's devastating first-round exit in the NBA Playoffs, but it was still enough to send shockwaves throughout the basketball world.

ESPN's NBA guru Adrian Wojnarowski has now come out with an important update on the Bucks' head coaching search barely 24 hours after Budenholzer's axing. According to Woj, he does not expect Milwaukee to act swiftly here. Also, the renowned league insider also hinted at the possibility of the Bucks potentially poaching away a coach that is still currently under contract with an opposing team:

“Not just coaches that are available, who don't have jobs now — former head coaches, assistant coaches in the league — but I think also if you're Milwaukee you have an opportunity to take your time and see if there are coaches under contract elsewhere in the NBA,” Woh said. “As these playoffs go on, can somebody become jarred loose? Is there a conversation to be had with teams or with individuals about coaches who might still be under contract.

“Milwaukee can take its time. They're going to take their time on this search. They have Giannis Antetokounmpo. There's nobody in the league who wouldn't love to coach him, and so I think this is not going to be a quick process for the Bucks.”

Woj did not name any names here, but this is a very intriguing update from the all-knowing NBA guru. Perhaps he's heard some buzz about one or two big names that are being linked to the Bucks already but has yet to garner enough reliable intel to drop a Woj bomb on this issue. This could be coming in the near future, though, so we will be sure to keep our eyes peeled on this situation in Milwaukee.