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Zach LaVine ‘respects’ what Jim Boylen did after double ejection in Clippers-Bulls game

Zach LaVine, Bulls, Jim Boylen

Chicago Bulls shooting guard Zach LaVine “respects” head coach Jim Boylen for what he did on Friday after he was ejected in the LA Clippers game at Staples Center.

Boylen was getting tired of how some of the players on the Clippers were setting screens on his guys. The demonstrative coach started barking at LA coach Doc Rivers, leading the refs to eject both coaches — something that hasn’t been done before.

But before he went back to the locker room, Jim Boylen went up to each player, both on the bench and in the game, and started high-fiving them to motivate them to get back in the game.

The Bulls lost the game, but Zach LaVine says that was an awe-inspiring gesture from Boylen.

It’s pretty incredible how Boylen’s status in Chicago with the players has changed.

If you recall, after the Bulls lost to the Boston Celtics at home, Boylen wanted to run a practice after the team had just completed a back-to-back. That led to the players almost boycotting the practice by not even showing up to the Advocate Center.

The players ended up coming, but instead of practicing, a team meeting took place followed by a leadership committee being formed.

All that stuff is in the distant past now, though. It looks like Boylen is connecting with his guys a lot better now.