Chicago Bulls guard Zach LaVine offers a fresh, albeit neutral perspective, on the recent issue about players being double-teamed during pick-up games.

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been a ton of discussions about whether or not players should be double-teamed in an open court scrimmage after a video of Phoenix Suns guard Devin Booker went viral. In the said video, Booker was upset when he attracted two defenders as he was attempting to drive to the basket.

The fans have been divided on the said matter, with some saying that double teams should not be done in such situations. Meanwhile, others believe that it’s fine.

LaVine is the most recent NBA player to share his thoughts about the issue. In an interview with Gerald Bourguet of Fan Sided, the Bulls star said that people aren’t really wrong for agreeing or disagreeing with Booker, as the situation can be looked at in both ways. LaVine also believes that things got a little bit out of hand because of social media.

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“Social media man, it’s so big now they just find something to talk about. From my perspective, it just looked like Devin Booker was killing at open gym and they didn’t want him to score the last point,” LaVine explained.

“Obviously the team is going to do whatever they have to do. You can see it from both perspectives. Booker’s trying to work on his game and work on moves, I feel like that’s what the offseason’s for, but the other team is trying not to let him score. So I really don’t get how or why it was such a big deal at all, it was just, like, talking back and forth. But that’s NBA Twitter, it’s the social media era man. People gotta deal with that. I don’t know why, but that’s the way it is.”

Well, it seems that LaVine has made a pretty valid point. In Booker’s case, he just wants to work on his individual game, while the opposing team wants to prevent him from scoring — so no one’s really wrong.

Guess these players should really talk about whether double teams are allowed the next time they play open court basketball.