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Report: Cardinals no longer looking to trade up from 15th overall

Arizona Cardinals

Some of the rumors swirling around the NFL draft the last few weeks involved the Arizona Cardinals and how they might want to trade up from the 15th overall pick to get their quarterback.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, that doesn’t seem to be the direction that the Cardinals want to go in now, and they are expected to keep their 15th overall pick.

With Carson Palmer retiring the Cardinals signed Sam Bradford and Mike Glennon this offseason, but neither of those guys seems to be longtermĀ solutions and the Cardinals are still probably looking for a quarterback at some point in this draft.

Bradford’s knees make it hard to trust him for an entire year and Mike Glennon showed he isn’t really a full time starter after his trial with the Bears.

There is still a chance with the 15th pick that the quarterback they are looking for will fall to them without them having to give up a bunch of assets.

There is also a chance that the Cardinals still decide to trade up if a team is willing to make a deal they see fit, but right now that doesn’t seem like it will be the case.