Bruce Arians says OC Byron Leftwich will have tough time with Cardinals
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Bruce Arians says OC Byron Leftwich will have tough time with Cardinals

Byron Leftwich wants to take some strategies from former Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians, but his offensive line might make things difficult. Leftwich, a former NFL quarterback, was recently promoted to offensive coordinator for the Cardinals. The team has struggled on both sides of the ball, but especially under Sam Bradford. Their first win came with rookie Josh Rosen under center, and Arians thinks their front line needs to get better before they see much improvement.

From Josh Weinfuss of ESPN:

“It’s hard to call plays when you ain’t got no offensive line,” said Arians.

“I don’t care who’s calling plays, nobody’s going to come back there and just all of a sudden flip a switch and make that thing great with no offensive line.”

Bruce Arians is probably right. He was one of the game’s best offensive masterminds before he retired. Byron Leftwich will inherit an offense that ranks 31st in the NFL. They’ve only averaged 13.1 points per game this season. Their defense looked great in the preseason, but they’re ranked 22nd on that side of the ball during regular-season play. The Cardinals got blown out in their last game, losing 45-10 to the Denver Broncos. This week, they’ll get a shot at the San Francisco 49ers, another 1-6 team struggling to find its footing.

Byron Leftwich wants to make sure he utilizes running back David Jonson like Arians did in the past. Johnson is one of the better all-purpose backs in the NFL, but he hasn’t been able to get into a rhythm. Whether Leftwich can make a difference will be evident very soon.