The St. Louis Cardinals are currently ranked toward the middle of the pack in MLB pitching statistics, which is a clear hinderance in pursuit of a playoff spot for the 37-37 ballclub. Recently one of the Cardinals' most well known players, 3B Nolan Arenado, shared his thoughts on the state of pitching in MLB and how it pertained to his team's current situation.

The Arenado comments came amid an Arenado injury scare. A San Francisco Giants vs. Cardinals broadcast got the 1950s treatment at Historic Rickwood Field.

According to Arenado, the Cardinals' anemic hitting performance at times this season could be the result of one major challenge: the growth and talent of pitchers in the Major Leagues.

Arenado Lauds MLB Pitchers

Jun 19, 2024; Miami, Florida, USA; St. Louis Cardinals third baseman Nolan Arenado (28) celebrates after scoring against the Miami Marlins during the second inning at loanDepot Park. Mandatory Credit: Sam Navarro-USA TODAY Sports

Arenado said he's shocked at how good pitching has become in the Majors, specifically mentioning the advanced repertoire each hurler has in today's day and age.

“I'm just amazed now,” he said according to The Athletic. “By how guys that you've faced in the past, who would challenge you a certain way, don't do that anymore. You face them now and all of a sudden they have more (velocity) in there. Or they have different types of pitches now. Pitching right now is just out of control.”

MLB Pitchers' Expanding Repertoire

The Cardinals have had plenty of successful pitchers take the mound this season, although they are far from a first place team. Closer Ryan Helsley has 25 saves in 26 appearances. Starter Kyle Gibson has a 5-2 record and has given up less hits than innings pitched.

Arenado still marvels at pitching both in St. Louis and across the league, as guys like Ryan Helsley and Kyle Gibson continue to battle for the Cardinals on the mound.

“These guys are unbelievable now,” the Cardinals third baseman Arenado added. “It just seems like guys have more in their repertoire now than ever before. I remember there used to be starters out there who'd say, like, ‘OK, he's a heavy sinkerballer.'

“But now you face guys that are like, four-seamer, sinker, slider, change. They have two fastballs. They have a slider and a sweeper. And it just seems like they're building this repertoire of different types of fastballs. I'm just amazed by what we see now.”

The Cardinals' Arenado is hitting .260 with 6 home runs and 32 RBI, a far cry from his 26 home run 2023 pace. The Cardinals' offense and pitching have both been pedestrian at best this season meaning the team could stand to improve in both areas heading into the All-Star break.

Does Arenado have it in him to overcome his injury struggles and hit for plus-power again? Based on his recent comments, he must feel as though it's an uphill battle he's going to have an exceedingly difficult time winning this time around.