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Cardinals’ victory over Seahawks is turning point for Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray and the Arizona Cardinals took down MVP favorite Russell Wilson and the undefeated Seattle Seahawks on Sunday night. It was a massive win for the Cardinals, who now have as many wins (5) through the first seven weeks of this season as they did all last season.

On the daily Locked On Cardinals Podcast, hosts Alex Clancy and Bo Brack discussed the Cardinals’ big win over the Seahawks and how Kyler Murray became the leader that Arizona needed:

Alex Clancy: We saw different phases of the offense. We saw heavy DeAndre Hopkins early. Then we saw them try to get Kenyan Drake involved; it wasn’t really working. Chase Edmonds was a star this whole game. He was kind of peppered in throughout, whether it be through the passing game or the run game. After seeing tonight, Chase Edmonds is the spark that the Cardinals need out of the backfield … Chase Edmonds was a stud tonight.

Larry Fitzgerald got involved. There was just a lot of spraying the ball around to different receivers. Christian Kirk got involved on two touchdowns. A lot of it was just determined upon where they got the ball because there were a couple interceptions. They got the ball in weird spots. It wasn’t just a run-of-the-mill offensive set … It didn’t work the whole time but when it worked, it really popped.

I think we’re starting to finally see Kyler Murray is now the true bona fide leader of this team, both vocally and on the field. We saw him ripping one of the tight ends for not blocking for DeAndre Hopkins on a bubble screen. People are going to start listening to him now. He has the bravado and now he can back it up. So people are gonna start listening to him immediately and that’s something that we’ve been missing over the last couple of seasons: true leadership from the quarterback position.