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Carmelo Anthony looking forward to playing under new Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek

Carmelo Anthony is looking forward to playing under recently hired coach Jeff Hornacek. There has been much speculation about the Knicks next coach having to know and run the triangle offense proficiently because of Phil Jackson, but that doesn’t seem to be the plan according to Anthony.

Anthony, who was reportedly happy to hear the Knicks hired Hornacek for the very reason that he won’t likely run the triangle, believes the team will play an uptempo style of basketball under the new head coach. Melo told WNBC-TV that he cannot wait to get started:

“I played against him a couple of times when he was the head coach out there in Phoenix. Everybody knows he likes to play an up-tempo pace of game, likes to get out in transition, likes to speed the game up a lot. So from that standpoint, I’ll definitely be looking forward to that.”

If it is indeed true that the Knicks will be on board with at best, minimum triangle integration, expect to see the Knicks pace move from around 24th fastest in the league to around 10th, which was where Hornacek’s Suns ranked among NBA teams.

Despite the Knicks forgettable past seasons, Anthony remains hopeful that this decision is a bright spot for the Knicks, and could be the thing they need to get back into the playoffs, where anything can happen. Anthony said:

“It sets the stage for us to do that. “(It’s a) new opportunity, something new to play with, something fresh, a clean plate. So hopefully we can build off of this momentum.”

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