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Carmelo Anthony not impressed by wife’s selfie-taking skills at U.S. Open


At some point we all grow from our all-out fun-loving phase to the grumpy old men we were meant to be.

That point has come for the New York KnicksCarmelo Anthony, who is having none of it at the U.S. Open.

Anthony is spectating the event with an empty glass of wine, a pullover hoodie and a ‘USA’ hat that we can only guess is from an Olympic event.

His wife, LaLa, is busy in the back row taking selfies with her friend while the Knicks star can’t care any less.

It could be the fact that he’s a glass half-empty kind of guy (more like fully empty by the looks of it), but at 32 years old, Melo is in full big-bear-don’t-care mode.

Or maybe he’s just an old-school type of fella that likes to actually watch the sports he paid to watch (U.S. Open tickets are not cheap).

Hopefully for him his all-business approach and his gold medal ways translate to a Knicks team that could do some damage in the Eastern Conference.

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