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Carmelo Anthony responds to critics through Instagram post

Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony has been the man for the Americans, racking up one record after another in Olympic basketball for the United States.

Without a doubt, he is now the most decorated Olympian in USA basketball history, and will further cement that fact if they win the Gold medal in Rio. Anthony released some comments a few days ago which caught the ire of many as they felt that he was slighting the NBA title for the Gold medal.

As such, the New York Knicks superstar took to Instagram and sent a message to those who misinterpreted his statement. He shared a recent conversation between him and LeBron James as they talked about the backlash that Anthony has received.

He picked the best person to talk to when it’s about handling the public’s reaction. James has seen himself on the receiving end of even worse criticisms, and his advice to his friend should go a long way.

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