Celtics news: Boston made clear to Pelicans that everyone can be available for Anthony Davis
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Celtics made clear to Pelicans that everyone can be available for Anthony Davis

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The Boston Celtics have made one thing clear to the New Orleans Pelicans in pre-trade conversations for talisman Anthony Davis — everyone in their roster will be made available to acquire the six-time All-Star, including promising young wing Jayson Tatum, according to Shams Charania of The Athletic.

“Jayson Tatum has been thrust into the spotlight for these Celtics, both in terms of on-the-court expectations now and a potentially uncertain roster this summer. The Celtics are playing to win it all — but they are also focusing on winning in June and July, too. Around the NBA’s Feb. 7th trade deadline, Boston made their intentions clear to the New Orleans Pelicans surrounding their pursuit of All-NBA star Anthony Davis after the season, league sources told The Athletic: Everyone can be available.”

Tatum was the lone piece in question and likely the reason the Pelicans chose to hold off in the last few hours prior to the trade deadline, waiting until the summer to consummate a deal for their franchise star.

New Orleans wasn’t satisfied with any of the Los Angeles Lakers’ packages for Davis, as they failed to see All-NBA potential in any of their younger players, an upside Tatum clearly has after a season-and-change with the Celtics.

Tatum boasts the physical makeup of an athletic wing with formidable balance and a well-structured jump shot, all great assets for the Pelicans, who could use him as the pillar for their rebuild.

There is certain skepticism however, that president Danny Ainge’s poker player ways haven’t abandoned him, and that he will try to construct a deal without Tatum first before being forced to surrender his talents to acquire Davis. Given his history as one of the premiere deal-makers, it’s certain Ainge could try to manage something like that once July comes around.