Celtics news: Brad Stevens says Al Horford's wrist injury isn't serious
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Celtics coach Brad Stevens says Al Horford’s wrist injury isn’t serious

Brad Stevens Al Horford

Injuries are the worst-case scenario for any team in training camp, but Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is confident that Al Horford’s wrist sprain isn’t a cause for concern.

Via the Celtics’ Twitter account:

Brad Stevens says Al Horford’s wrist sprain doesn’t appear to be anything serious. However, he won’t play tonight and may not play Tuesday, either.

Teams are always cautious with injuries in the preseason, and there’s no reason to push Horford. He’s a proven veteran and will be ready to play on opening night, even without the extra reps. He played 15 minutes against the Charlotte Hornets on Friday night, but he was held in check. He tallied three points, three rebounds, and three assists in the game.

Is it possible to be an All-Star and still remain overlooked? Horford might be that guy. Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward are returning from nasty injuries and — rightfully — garnering much of the attention. The young studs on the roster like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are the subject of much hype.

But Horford is one of the players who holds the entire team together. His ability to do a little bit of everything makes him the perfect center in a small-ball lineup. He can defend in space or inside, he rebounds well, he can score a bucket when needed, and he can facilitate for his teammates. He’s a Swiss Army knife in many ways, and the Celtics are counting on him to continue playing like an All-Star.