The Boston Celtics finished the regular season off with the second-best record in the association at 57-25 and held homecourt advantage throughout their time during the playoffs. Unfortunately, these factors proved to have no real impact on their postseason endeavors, as they still wound up falling short of their ultimate goal of attaining banner number 18.

Though there were many reasons for why the C's were ousted one game shy of the NBA Finals, during his exit interviews held Thursday afternoon, President of Basketball Operations Brad Stevens revealed what he believes to have played the biggest role in the club's shortcomings.

“If we’re over .500 at home (in the playoffs) we would have had rest and we’d be in the finals,” Brad Stevens said, via The Athletic's Jay King.

The Celtics struggled to take advantage of their games held at TD Garden during this year's postseason. In 11 total contests in front of their home crowd, Boston boasted a highly underwhelming record of 5-6. Interestingly enough, however, while on the road they went on to accumulate a record of 6-3.

The team's lowly performance in the playoffs despite being a heavy favorite to win it all this season has left a sour taste in the mouths of the franchise's faithful followers. With this, many have gone on to call for the removal of Joe Mazzulla from his head coaching duties.

However, despite said desires, Brad Stevens noted during his exit interviews that he views the rookie headman as being the best coach for the Celtics moving forward.