The Boston Celtics fought hard to tie the Eastern Conference Finals series against the Miami Heat and force a Game 7, but it came up short, as Joe Mazzulla's team suffered a 103-84 blowout loss to end the season.

Coming into the series, the Celtics were viewed as favorites to beat the Heat, and they fell down 3-0, with some terrible performances, headlined by a blowout loss in Game 3. As predicted, there is a lot of blame going around in Boston, with Jaylen Brown getting a lot of attention, but coach Joe Mazzulla is getting a lot of blame as well, and deservingly so.

There were warts that presented themselves throughout the season for the Celtics and many of them fall to Mazzulla. Because of that, the Celtics should move on and find a new coach after just one year with him at the helm. They can not waste any prime years with Jayson Tatum and presumably Jaylen Brown with a coach who is not giving them the best chance to win. Let's get into the two reasons the Celtics should fire Joe Mazzulla.

2. Slow or unwilling to adapt

Joe Mazzulla was slow to adapt, and at time showed an unwillingness to adapt in the series loss to the Celtics. There was no time they needed to adjust more than in Game 7 against the Heat.

With Tatum injuring his ankle early on in the game, the Celtics had to shift the pressure to Brown, who did not have a good game and shot 8-23. The problem was in the utilization of Brown. In Brown's career, he has not shown the ability to be a player where you could rely on him to score in isolation.

Giving Brown more shots was not necessarily wrong, it was just the way he was utilized. It was the exact thing that Brown has shown not to be good at. Unsurprisingly, it did not go well, and Brown turned it over eight times in the loss.

Mazzulla should have a better fallback option on offense. More should be happening off of the ball to get Brown involved, if he is going to be the main option.

There is also the component of the Celtics shooting 42 threes and making just nine of them. Some would say the players just need to make more of those shots, but that falls on coaching as well, especially knowing that the offense the Celtics were running was resulting in looks that were consistently not falling.

Mazzulla was asked after the game whether they were too reliant on shooting threes, and he said “uh, no.” That shows an unwillingness to adapt.

1. Ime Udoka fallout

The Celtics denied publicly that they never bought into Mazzulla, but when someone as relieable as Adrian Wojnarowski reports that the Celtics were befuddled by the organization letting go of Ime Udoka and said he believes the team never bought into Mazzulla, the Celtics' statements are harder to believe.

Whether or not the Celtics actually bought into Mazzulla or not, the Ime Udoka questions will always be there as long as Mazzulla is the coach. That fact is unfortunate because it is not Mazzulla's fault, but it is reality. Fans and media members will always draw the connections with Ime Udoka and Joe Mazzulla.

A fresh start with a new coach who can bring the best out of players like Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown would be the best move for the Celtics.