Golden State Warriors forward and professional yapper Draymond Green has had a lot to say about the Boston Celtics winning the 2024 NBA championship.

Green has said that he doesn’t foresee Boston becoming a dynasty because 1) the hunger to win a second championship isn’t the same as the hunger to win a first and 2) the new CBA makes it harder to keep great teams going. He said that the Milwaukee Bucks handed Boston the championship by allowing Jrue Holiday to be rerouted in a trade after acquiring Damian Lillard. After some comments that seem to paint the Celtics in a more negative light, he came through with some major praise, too.

On his podcast, Green explained that he respects the Celtics making their 18th championship banner such a public goal and following through on it.

“For a franchise in the NBA to publicize how much they’re going after Banner 18 is crazy. That’s not standard practice in the NBA. It’s just not,” Green said. “They actually did it. I got nothing but respect for that.”

Obviously, the Celtics' goal to win the 2024 championship was an obvious one. And they already had 17 banners, so gunning for 18th was just the next one to count to. But Green's point is that making a goal so public can result in it getting thrown back in your face. Even someone as intense as him — and who denied Boston a chance to raise its 18th banner in the 2022 NBA Finals — can respect that.

“And if you can’t respect that…*I* can respect that, so if you can’t respect that, I'm sorry, but I can’t respect you,” Green said, “because that is the definition on standing on what you speak on. Standing on business. However you want to break it down, that is it.”

Celtics' 18th championship breaks tie for most in NBA history

The Celtics have made their 18th championship, which passes the Los Angeles Lakers for the most by an NBA franchise, a goal for a while now. They have put up a blank banner in their practice facility and have consistently made the 18th banner a talking point.

The team-first ethos of this Celtics team on top of their immense two-way talent made them one of the most dominant regular-season teams in NBA history. They then rattled off a historic 16-3 record in the playoffs that, while perhaps made easier to happen due to injuries to opposing stars, still showed their dominance. Any doubts about them were silenced when they dominated the Dallas Mavericks on the biggest stage, winning the Finals in five games.

Green still doubts that the Celtics can become a dynasty, which, admittedly, is made harder by the new CBA. The C's definitely have a chance, though. All of their key players are under contract for next season and all four of their starters besides Derrick White are locked in for the year after that, too. Replacing Al Horford and fortifying the bench are the keys to keeping the good times rolling but the key components are already there.

Becoming a dynasty is far from easy but this Celtics team looks like a better bet than most to pull it off.