The Boston Celtics put the finishing touch on their dominant 2023-24 campaign with a 106-88 victory over the Dallas Mavericks in Game 5 of the 2024 NBA Finals to win their 18th championship in franchise history.

The Celtics and their fans were obviously fired up to have achieved their biggest goal of the year, and it didn't take long for them to fire back at the media for doubting the team all year long.

Throughout the regular season and even more so in the playoffs, folks have doubted Boston's ability to win a title for a number of reasons. And yet, the C's kept on dominating and made the media eat their words all year long.

As if that wasn't bad enough, fans on social media quickly began posting the receipts they kept throughout the season of the media doubting them, resulting in one massive video that ended up going viral.

Jaylen Brown joins in on the fun with Celtics fans

Boston Celtics forward Jayson Tatum (0) lifts the trophy after winning the 2024 NBA Finals against the Dallas Mavericks at TD Garden.
Mandatory Credit: Peter Casey-USA TODAY Sports

For whatever reason, the media was not confident in the Celtics all year long. Given how sports-crazed fans in Boston are for their favorite teams, it shouldn't come as much of a surprise that fans quickly took to social media to rub salt in their wounds. When you win it all, you earn the ability to boast as much as you want.

That's precisely what Jaylen Brown opted to do in the aftermath of Boston's latest title. Brown won Finals MVP for his strong series against Dallas, and on Tuesday morning, he took to Instagram to share an image showing how many fans were siding with the Mavericks in the series before following it up with a picture of himself raising his Finals MVP trophy.

The media narrative surrounding the Celtics throughout the playoffs was truly confusing, and now that they have won, they are going to let everyone know how they felt, as they should.

Boston was dominant from start to finish, and while they had a history of struggling in the postseason in the past, there was never any inclination they were in trouble this time around, despite what the media wanted to say. Heck, they just went 16-3 in the playoffs, which is one of the most dominant postseason runs of all time.

Brown getting in on the fun will delight Celtics fans and probably irritate everyone else, but they have earned the right to talk with their championship run. The celebration is on in Boston, and the players and fans are teaming up to fight back against all the criticism they faced throughout the year.

And once the celebration is over, the team will be back on the court in an effort to prove to the media that this run was no fluke.