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Gordon Hayward says Kevin Durant is tougher to guard than LeBron James

Gordon Hayward, Kevin Durant, LeBron James

It seems like an eternity since we’ve seen Boston Celtics swingman Gordon Hayward play basketball. After making the move from the Utah Jazz to TD Garden, Hayward suffered a horrific leg break on opening night last season inside Quicken Loans Arena against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Since then, Hayward has been on a steady road to recovery, and something that has helped the 28-year-old through this difficult period has been Fortnite, a video game which has taken the world by storm. The Celtics star has been public in his appreciation of the game, and he usually answers questions from fans while playing through his headset.

Recently, Hayward received an interesting question: “Who is tougher to guard, LeBron or KD?”

His response was even more fascinating.

“They’re both tough to guard man, for me KD’s always been a little tougher to guard, but like when LeBron just puts his shoulder down, sometimes, it makes it a little difficult”

Interesting take from Hayward, who has had to directly guard both players as he also plays the small forward position. To be fair to James, Hayward has guarded Durant more as they have played the majority of their careers in the Western Conference.

Widely recognized as the two best players in the world, both James and Durant are unstoppable when on their games, but they go about beating the opposition in very different ways. Durant is a flat-out scoring machine, whereas James can dominate the opposition with his passing and playmaking ability as well as averaging over 27 points for his career.

Either way, guarding either of them is a nightmare for the opposition. With Hayward missing the entirety of the last campaign, coming back to guard players like James and Durant must be a daunting task, but one he’ll relish after being away from competitive basketball for so long.