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Celtics’ Jaylen Brown plays down controversial locker room incident with Marcus Smart

Jaylen Brown, Celtics, Heat

The controversy in the Boston Celtics locker room following their Game 2 loss to the Miami Heat, which put them down 2-0, may have been a little overblown. If you believe Jaylen Brown, it definitely was.

Speaking to the media following the Celtics getting their first win in the series, Brown down played all of the talk of a heated incident between him and Marcus Smart after Game 2.

“It was probably blown out of proportion,” Brown said. “We’re in a bubble. It’s a lot of grown men. It’s a lot of passion and emotion going on… We’re a family… We won’t let anything come in between that.”

While the passion in the playoffs is undeniable in any year, could the fact that these players have been in the bubble for the past two months be an exacerbating issue? Could be, but one things for sure; winning heals all wounds. Would his answer have been the same if the Celtics had lost tonight instead of won? Very unlikely, but it’s good to hear that it seems as though the Celtics are on the same page now. With the series not at the halfway point and the Celtics down 2-1, the players and Celtics fans alike are certainly hoping that tonight’s win has put any locker room dissent to bed but at the same time the team can keep the energy that was built to get them the win in Game 3 can stay for the remainder of the series.

Game 4 is Wednesday night on ESPN.

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