The sneaker industry has completely changed in the past half-century. In the 1980s, people were raving about the Converse Weapons that most NBA stars would wear. Michael Jordan then started his brand with Nike which made professional athletes crave their own stamps and twists on shoes. Everyone followed suit after with different companies signing various players for sneaker deals. If a fan thinks about a known rotational guy on a team, they probably have their name inked on a sneaker contract somewhere. But, Boston Celtics star Jaylen Brown posits that this may be unhealthy for the creativity of new releases, via Complex.

“I think there needs to be some disruption in the sneaker game because everything is kind of getting boring, the designs are getting lazy, there’s no creativity, and there’s no authenticity,” the Celtics All-Star declared.

Recent releases have come and gone like Ja Morant's sneakers, and the upcoming Devin Booker shoes. But, it seems that not a lot of players have placed a stamp on the industry quite like the Nike sneakers of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Even Jaylen Brown thinks that those 1990s-era sneakers look way more flashy.

“Some of the sneakers that are out right now..even for athletes is just trash. So we gotta come up with the originality and bring it back to what it was like in the 90s,” was the Celtics star's bold proclamation about sneakers from NBA players.

There will always be new drops for every star. But until Brown sees something like those old reliable Jordans, he is not pleased with how they have evolved.