The offseason is a time for NBA players to unwind. Fans may often see them hang out with other stars and celebrities. While Jimmy Butler belts out a Justin Bieber song with Neymar, Jayson Tatum was front-and-center in a Drake concert. The Boston Celtics star even got the walkout treatment first over Toronto Raptors rookie Gradey Dick.

Jayson Tatum is known as an elite and All-NBA level talent whenever he is balling out. He is also famously Deuce Tatum's father who gives fans all the inspiration to be a good parent because of their cute moments. In his own free time without commitments, Taco Jay likes to hang out with celebrities and even be part of their shows.


Drake asked the Celtics star to walk out with him during his Boston concert. The fans swarmed both stars as lights flashed all around them. This is all part of the Canadian rap artist's ‘It's All A Blur' tour. It was also held in the homecourt of Tatum's team, TD Garden.

This is not the first time Jayson was out and about with other celebrities. He was also seen with Jaylen Brown in Michael Rubin's Fourth of July All-White party. Together with them were other huge stars like Jay-Z, Beyonce, Grant Williams, and Tom Brady among others.

Stars need to recuperate before they hit training camps again and JT seems to be doing just that.

Will Drake invite other NBA stars in their home arenas like Gradey Dick when he comes back to the Raptors' home turf?